Phelps Parks


Public donations established the Decorah Parks System in 1911 with the purchase of 12 acres of land designated as "City Park", now known as Phelps Park.



Through collaboration and support, leisure opportunities for individuals of all ages create a community focused on healthy living and fitness.

Dunnings Spring


Decorah’s 560 acre parks system was developed and continues to be forever enhanced through individual donations.

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The Decorah Parks and Recreation Endowment Fund is a permanent fund with the Winneshiek County Community Foundation, therefore the donated dollars are invested and only interest income from the fund is granted out. Your contribution to this endowment fund will forever help to maintain and enhance Decorah’s parks, trails, recreational facilities, campground, swimming pool and all programs offered through Decorah Parks and Recreation. Endow Iowa legislation makes gifts to the fund eligible for a 25% state tax credit in addition to the normal federal deductions for charitable giving.

Will you invest in the future of Decorah Parks and Recreation?